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she hates doing the in person things but she's been fantastic. i'm mike hyck. happy friday. good morning, monika samtani. go nats. >> we've got our red on. chilly night tonight. >> we'll give you highlights in a bit. >> i was home alone. i cheered. the dog came in and started to howl. i celebrated with her. it was all good. weather wise let's talk about this friday morning forecast. jacket weather for sure. we've got some 30s in spots. maybe you need some gloves this morning as well. here's a look at the forecast. we start out here in town 48 right now. 52 by 9:00. winds are going to kick up later this morning as the front pushes through. there's not going to be much weathewith it except the winds. 61 by noon. a high about 63 maybe 2:00 or so. by 5:00 we're back to 59. so it will be a sunny but breezy day. a few clouds, even a few sprinkles with that front in ohio and pennsylvania but
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they're going to get squeezed out in the mountains. temperature down to 35 with light winds in martinsburg this morning. it's 37 in frederick. 37 in culpeper. on the flip side, look what the bay does to annapolis and patuxent river naval air station. they're close to 50 degrees. temperatures low to maybe even mid-60s in a few spots but watch out for those winds. we'll have a freeze warm. more coming up but here comes monika with timesaver traffic. i'm happy to say friday morning light's reputation is great. no problems to report all around town we're looking good on route 5, route 4, route 301 coming in from southern maryland, for example. route 210 into oxon hill from accokeek and the beltway south of town between andrews air force base and all the way across to the wilson bridge looks great. we'll take a live look outside and show what you it looks like just west of the wilson bridge route 1 in alexandria. again nice and light into springfield and even up toward annandale and tysons. let's go back over to our maps. this time the bw parkway and route 50. through cheverly no issues as
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you head into the northeast corridor. a live look at college park and the beltway. north of town between route 195 and silver spring, all incident free with the lanes open. i'll be back with more traffic coming up at 5:10. back to you guys. jason wirth, remember, he signed a seven-year $126 million contract with the the nats in december 2010. at that time management said wirth was signed to show the nationals how to win. >> apparently he knows how to do that because he did it last night. wirth's walkoff home run in the bottom of the 9th extended the nats' record breaking season. man, was it exciting. kristin fisher is live outside nats park with more this morning. hey, kristin. good to see you. >> reporter: good morning, boys. baseball doesn't get any better than this. last night's game probably the most dramatic finish ever here at nats park. i'm sure you've already seen it. it's just that good. we're going to show it again. let me set the stage for you. bottom of the 9th, nats tied 1-
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1 with the cardinals and jason wirth in the middle of a marathon at-bat. then on the 13th pitch this. >> 3-2. a drive hit deep to left field. looking up. it's gone. >> reporter: itself nats -- the nats go crazy. jason wirth, the hero of the night proving why he gets paid the big bucks. look at all of the love from his teammates. they all wanted this so bad. now we're going to game five. here is jason -- jaysonwerth just minutes after hitting the at-bat. >> i had a little something last night. i was sit at home watching my boy ibanez do it. he gave me something today. >> that's the way it should end, jayson werth hitting that home run. it was the 13th, 14th pitch at-
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bat. it was a great effort on his pa. >> when he hit the walkoff home run, the fans went insane. the tension had been building through the 13 pitches. when werth sent it deep, the place went electric. it was do or die and the nats delivered. forcing a game five with the cardinals of the first pitch is at nats park 8:37. coming up we're going to go inside the locker room to hear from the rest of the team. zimmerman, harper. we've got all of their thoughts on werth's big home run. man, that was good stuff. did you stay up to watch it? >> i saw every pitch. this is what he looked like right here. we have his bobble head right here and he's still shaking. he's ready to go, baby. . we'll see you in a little bit. >> worth every bit. of course after you're done watching the game, the other big story last night, the vice presidential debate. vice president joe biden and
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congressman paul ryan squared off in their one and only debate last night in kentucky. the men squabbled over foreign policy, taxes and medicare. both claimed that their ticket has the right vision for the future of our nation. the cbs news poll of uncommitted voters, 50% believe the vice president won. 31% believe paul ryan won and 19% called it a tie. if you plan on voting in maryland, d.c. or virginia in the upcoming november election and you haven't registered yet, you only have a few locations left. virginia you have till monday. in d.c. your only option at this point is to register in person at the election board headquarters but you have until friday, october 19 to do it there if you live in the district. for more information on voter registration, go to and look under campaign 2012. it is 5:05. time for the latest your money report of the morning. >> jessica is back to tell us more on that. good morning, jess. >> good morning. earnings season large and in charge. we'll have to see if there's any good news out there that
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could maybe lift the market after what's been a pretty awful week. jason more gone chase sced -- morgan chase scheduled to report quarterly earnings. the biggest banks rose 19% last quarter. we're expecting to hear about more layoffs in the financial industry as banks continue to look for ways to cut costs. as for suffolks the major averages is -- as for stocks,, the dow stands at 13,326. it erased an early gain. nasdaq was off by 2. s&p 5 hundred was up albeit franceally. more problems for farmers that could continue to raise our food prices. the price of corn jumped 5%. global food inventories will fall more than expected. corn output has been cut by the greatest amount in 15 years. and mortgage rates ticked up from record lows last week, still really, really, really low. freddie mac says the rate on a
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30-year fixed loan rose to 3.3 the%. -- 3.39%. if you can refi, you can stand to save a bundle at the record low rates. something to think about. absolutely. you have something else for us to think about. what's coming up in the next half-hour? >> the 5k, baby. we'll be running somewhere in the united states. i think we're going to california to run and i'll tell but my progress. >> progress and making progress, getting ready for the -- step out and stop diabetes. we now know what led to the death of the national zoo's baby panda. >> the football game out west turns into an on field brawl between the team's coaches. your weather first when 9news now returns in two minutes.
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5:09 on this friday morning. all a he need -- you'll need to bundle up. this afternoon even though we get to the low 60s, the winds will kick up. there will be a little bit after chill factor in the air.
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here's a look at your day planner. we start out quiet. a couple of passing clouds. winds kick up late to mid- morning. highs only in the low 60s with a 3:00 temperature 62. by 6:00 're back down to 57. freeze watch tonight. more on that coming up in about five minutes. right now let's go to monika and find out about the a.m. commute. no problems on the beltway here in college park but on the southbound side of the bw parkway in laurel after route 198, a truck has been stopped by police. it is not meeting vehicle restrictions. watch out for that activity. southbound bw parkway after route 198. i'll be back with more traffic coming up in a few minutes at 5:18. 5:10. here's a look at some other things making news now. colorado movie theater shooting suspect james holmes was back in court thursday. prosecutors charged holmes with an additional 14 counts of attempted murder. the 24-yard suspect is accuse -- 24-year-old suspect is accused of opening fire in a crowded theater on the opening night of the latest batman
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movie killing 12 people and injuring 58. liver and lung problems are what's being blamed for the death of the female baby panda cub that was born at the national zoo on september 16. a week after the birth, distress calls from mom mei xiang alerted skew officials something was wrong. officials say may shng's behavior now -- mei xiang's behavior now is slowly returning to normal. a mother captured this video of two football teams fighting after a game last weekend in sacramento. the video posted on youtube shows mostly yelling and pushing but about 50 seconds into the clip, one coach bull rushes the opposing coach knocking him to the ground. a woman who was trying to calm things down got caught in the melee. 5:11 now. still ahead, more fallout to a controversy surrounding a gallaudet administrator. >> you'll never believe which group is in her corner. 9news now returns in two minutes.
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good morning. welcome back to 9 news now. it's 5:14. it's friday. enough said but we'll say even more friday. nats celebrating a victory and the os. game five tonight. >> very exciting. it's going to be chilly in both locations and up in new york. maybe you're going to the o az game. >> bundle up. >> even this morning you're going to need to bundle up. we have a few 30s out thrcht
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the weekend will be mix -- out there. the weekend will be mixed. cooler saturday but warmer sunday. but both days will be dry. lots of good news. we're talking about a dry morning but a chilly morning with generally clear skies. temperatures ranging from the upper 30s in the cold spots to the low 50s by the bay. this time of year, the bay makes such a big difference because it's such a heat sink that if you're right on top of it you're warm but you get inland and temperatures get much chillier. our day planner, we'll see sunshine most of the day. but a front comes through. look at the difference in the winds. west at 6 at 9:00. we'll have a high 63. maybe 64. by 5:00 we get down to 59. going to the game tonight, if you're lucky enough to be going out to nats park for game five, the winner go home game, 8:37 first pitch. we'll be in the low 50s i believe for the first pitch but falling to the upper 40s. with a north wind at 10 miles an hour, yeah, it is going to be a chilly night as andrea said earlier, dress for football, not for baseball.
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in fact, late tonight, overnight, we could have a freeze watch in effect. not d.c. and south and east but prince william, falk-year, north and west -- fauquier, north and west, those areas temperatures could be falling. theythey'll decide later whether they'll go with a freeze warning or watch temperaturing on how the temperatures break down. winchester this morning is 37. baltimore is 41. it is 46 at the tappahannock airport. fredricksburg, you'll need a jacket down there. only 40 right now. outside on our michael & son weather camera. great visibles. we're looking north toward friendship heights in bethesda in northwest d.c. 48 degrees. a west, southwest wind at 5 miles an hour. so that's not too bad. the humidity 77%. it's quiet here. you can see some showers, storms even in tennessee. showers in new york. a little bit of a wintry mix up
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toward lake mass sid and adirondack -- placid and adirondacks. this will come through with the wind more than anything, this front. and some cool weather later today and tonight. so 63 today. tonight upper 20s in the cold spots but really around 40 downtown. most areas will be in the 30s. friday night high school football games, you'll need to bundle up as well. 62 tomorrow. not a bad day at all. but then sunday a nicer day. 74 degrees. got the skins at home. got the ravens at home. weather should be great for that. monday 72. chance of an afternoon shower or two. then tuesday and wednesday, a little bit cooler. mid- to upper 60s. back to 72 next thursday. 5:17. let's go over to monika samtani and find out about your friday morning. thank you so much. if you're planning to head around town, really things aren't too bad. there's one issue on the southbound side of the bw parkway right after route 198. there are restrictions in terms of tractor-trailers and trucks. right now one of them has been stopped. the tractor-trailer southbound
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bw parkway after route 198. police are on the scene trying to figure out what to do with that so you may encounter some slow traffic in laurel. inside the beltway no problems through cheverly into the northeast corridor. we'll take a live look and show you what it looks like. 270 and montrose road looking great into frederick. let's go back to the maps. up north coming in from frederick, no issues into clarks burke. a little bit of slow traffic around route 109 but that's about it. live outside, no issues to report here on the beltway at bradley boulevard in bethesda. looking good all the way down to the american legion bridge. if you're like me and like walking or biking through the beautiful historic c&o canal, view the canal at twilight for the park after dark benefit. that's tomorrow. the fund-raiser is from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. at the historic great falls tavern in potomac. tickets are $150. that money will go toward park programs. you'll be able to enjoy live music, food, beer and wine. there will also be a live and silent auction and a civil war
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encampment. kind of cool. we have a link on our website for tickets. andrea and mike? >> walking the best form of transportation. >> that's right. yesterday we told you the story of gallaudet university's chief diversity officer. dr. angela mccaskill was put on paid administrative leave because she signed a pigs to -- petition to give maryland voters a chance to decide on same-sex marriage. good supporters say miscomes kill cannot be a chief diversity officer without supporting equal rights for all. here's bruce leshan with more. >> reporter: the two people at the heart of the controversy are not talking. the gallaudet university president did send out an e- mail blast to students saying that doctor mccomes skill has participated in a legislative initiative that some feel is inprotect. dr. mccaskill's husband did pick up the money at their upper marlboro home. he said no comment because they're still looking for a lawyer but he did say his wife
5:20 am
is so upset about this that she is now under a doctor's care. >> i was quite shocked. >> reporter: the man leading the effort to block gay marriage in maryland says he is shocked. >> now we're saying because she signed a petition, put the brakes on. she can't do her job. i think the day before anyone would probably have said she's done a great job. >> reporter: but the group urging support for same-sex marriage also says gallaudet has made a mistake. >> the marriage equality is about fairness. we think it's only fair that dr. mccomes skill be -- mccaskill be reinstated. >> reporter: she's the first deaf african-american woman to earn a ph.d. from the nation's premiere university for the deaf. but many students still support the administraon's decision to place her on leave for signing the petition. the petition to give voters a right to veto same-sex marriage. >> dr. mccaskill is the chief diversity officer. with that position we expect
5:21 am
her to include everyone. >> reporter: this is now a rallying cry for the conservative family research council which has blasted out an e-mail to its thousands of supporters urging them to contact gallaudet and demand dr. mccaskill's immediate reinstatement. at gallaudet university, bruce less handle, 9 news now. >> gallaudet president said in his e-mail he'll use the extended period of dr. mccaskill's leave to determine the most appropriate next steps. our time is 5:21. we want to take another look at our question of the day. in a recent survey, pet owners were asked if you could ask your pet one question, what would it be? what was their number one answer? is it a, are you happy? b, do you like your food? or c, do you like me? >> our facebook friend dawn wrote, i've always wondered about b, do you like your food. imagine eating the same crap each day. i actually change the wet food
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i give my cats. variety. >> log on to the wusa9 facebook fan page and leave your response. we'll reveal the answer during the 6:00 hour.
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5:24 on this friday morning. chilly out there. a couple of clouds are going to pass with us this morning as a front comes through.
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by 9:00 we're 51 but still lots of 40s out there. we'll head toward lunch time. partly to mostly sunny, 61 degrees. winds start to kick up out of the northwest at 10 to 20 miles an hour. temperatures this afternoon only get to 63 for the high. driving home at 6:00 p.m. with temperatures falling back into the 50s. so jacket weather for sure today. mike and andrea? he's worth a lot after last night. the nationals force a fifth and deciding game in the national league division series. >> dave owens has a recap featuring this guy in your morning sports. good friday, everybody. i'm walking out of the nats clubhouse last night and i ran into owner mark lerner who said that was one of the first real moments we've had in that stadium. he's right. most of yesterday's game wasn't good. the ending, however, was phenomenal. let's take a look. early in the game, that's adam la roche. we know the story. came in struggling 1-11 until that. i'm taking my talents to the
5:26 am
centerfield brass. first lead in 18 innings for the nats. 1-0. ross detwiler, some didn't think he should start yesterday but he was solid. this was the only run he yielded in six innings, a sack fly. that tied it. it remained that way till the bottom of the 9th. jayson werth steps n. high theater, high drama at the park last night. then werth walks off. washington stays alive. they win it 2-1. >> after yesterday, i liked the spot we were in. we just needed to win this game. we won this gape. all bets are off tomorrow. >> they didn't make it easy to score a run. that's for sure. every guy out there was throwing great. we hung in there. today you had a feeling it was going to come down to which team will get a big hit first. jayson got a big hit. >> i thought we had a shot to go deep and win the ballgame.
5:27 am
the fans are behind him. you know, it's unreal. >> that's good stuff. that sets up pivotal game five. first pitch at 8:30. we'll be live at the park all day at 5:00 and 6:00. that's going to do it. have a great friday, everybody.
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good morning. welcome back to 9news now on this friday morning. a chilly morning at 48 degrees s. that 48, howard? >> here in town. in the suburbs it's 30s. the walkoff man from last night. oh, huge. we'll give you highlights in a little bit. >> it was fun to watch. >> it was fantastic. >> his hair is even longer. the strength is in the hair. weather wise you may need a full beard in spots today and tonight with the chill that's coming n. we've got some colder
5:31 am
weather, some of the coldest air of the season. that's why we have a freeze watch fort and west of d.c. -- north and west of your d.c. here's your day planner. we start quiet. relatively light winds. it certainly will be breezy and cool by lunch time, 61. going to 63 with a 5:00 p.m. temperature back down to 59 degrees. we're watching a few clouds here north and west of washington. we've got some temperatures here that are also in the 30s. you see a few showers near pittsburgh. this rain is just kind of going to get squeezed out in the mountains. we're looking at readings this morning in the mid-30s in cumberland and martinsburg. frederick 36. it's 37 manassas but on the bay annapolis 49. even la plata a chilly 41 going to the low 60s. roads go in and check in -- let's go in and check in with monika samtani at 5:31. she has timesaver traffic. thank so you much. good morning, everybody. things are looking pretty good. friday morning light. no issues to report coming in from the west on 66, manassas
5:32 am
to centreville into fairfax and the beltway. lanes are open. good time to head out. let's take a live look outside and show what you it looks like first. if you're planning to head over to the beltway in bethesda and all along the west side of the beltway, 495, you're looking good right into tysons and annandale. back over to the maps. this time we'll take a look to the other side of town. northbound i-95, you may see a few brake lights across the river in woodbridge. once you're up in springfield, it still looks good. northbound 395 at duke street not bad to the 14th street bridge. i'll be back with more coming up at 5:38. the nationals force add fifth game in the national league division series. >> if you stuck with the game last night, you were rewarded in a big way. yesterday's hero turned out to be the most unlikely player. kristin fisher joins us live now from nationals park in southeast as the celebrations continue and fingers crossed for tonight. good morning, kristin. >> reporter: good morning.
5:33 am
wow, this is what playoff baseball is all about. it's what we've been waiting for here in washington since 1933. i don't think any of the 44,000 fans that were here last night will ever forget what it felt like when jayson werth hit the walkoff home run. this place went absolutely electric. let's look at the tame. bottom of the 9th and nats tied 1-1. on the 13th pitch, this home run. the nats stormed the field. the fans went out of their minds. it's a moment washington has been waiting for ever since the nats first came to town in 2005. and now we're going to game five against the defending world series champs. >> i liked the spot we were in. we just needed to win this game. we won this game. all bets are off tomorrow. >> they didn't make it easy to score runs, that's for sure. every guy was throwing great. we just hung in there and hung in there. today you had a feeling it was
5:34 am
going to come down to which team would get a big hit first. jayson got a big hit. >> we had a shot to go deep and win the ballgame. the fans are behind him. you know, it's unreal. >> reporter: after the game ian desmond who had an amazing catch tweeted out cardiac nats and natitude equals game five. michael morse tweeted out right after the game, that was awesome. best fans in baseball, natitude. check out this picture taken by the associated press. it's of werth, jumping, leaping into the arms of his teammates right after he scores the walkoff home run. i've not seen the front page of "the washington post" just yet but if they don't use a picture like this or this exact picture, something quite like it, i will be very surprised because this picture was all over social media last night.
5:35 am
werth just making a huge leap into the arms of his teammates. what an awesome moment. these guys have been playing so hard. and for the fans, i don't think you could ask for any more. game five tonight, first pitch 8:37. mike, andrea? >> cannot wait. thanks, kristin. other news, the president of virginia tech could soon be the target of a lawsuit linked to the virginia tech massacre. the parents of two students killed in the massacre successfully sued the state for their deaths of their daughters in 2007. the parents are asking the state supreme court to overturn a lower court ruling which excluded the president charles steiger from their suit. the students were among 33 people killed on campus in that massacre. today two of the three suspects charged in the beating of a capitol hill man are due in court. tommy branch and sonny kutiere are charged with an attack that severely injured thomas maslin.
5:36 am
maslin remains hospitalized more than a month after the attack. updating our breaking news story from thursday morning, four children and their grandmother are dead after a rowhouse fire in baltimore. we now know more about the victims, including 2-year-old keniah scott and her 4-year-old brother daryl stuart iii. they were all in one bedroom. their grandmother was screaming for help from the window. >> they say she was asking for help. when she come back around, the fire was just on her. >> it was terrible. >> worrell's husband and children's grandfather broke his back when he jumped from a second floor window. two froms were also injured. they say nancy worrell would allow as many as 19 children and grandchildren to stay in the house at any time. there was a huge development deal in the area around nationals park. according to the price of
5:37 am
petworth blog, the mixed use project would include 650,000 square feet of offices, retail, hotel space and residence. it would be just north of the stadium across from navy yard metro station. no word yet on whether this will be a cleat deal or -- complete deal or when work will begin. jessica is back with an update on her progress in her couch to 5k program. >> 9 news now is back in two minutes with your weather first.
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welcome back. 5:39 on this friday morning. it's a chilly morning. it's in the upper 40s in town. we have mid- to upper 30s in the cold spots. by noon 61 but the winds are going to start to kick up out of the northwest. a high of about 63. 3:00 p.m. 62 and still sunny and drop in temps 57 by 6:00 p.m. i'll be back with the full weekend forecast in about five. right now over to monika. she's got this morning's timesaver traffic. if you're planning to head
5:40 am
southbound on i-270, here's what it looks like at monday toes road. no issues -- montrose road. no issues to report as you head down to the split. i'll be back with more traffic coming up in a few minutes. back to you, jess. you want to shape up? get off the couch. couch to 5k with jessica doyle. >> hey there, friends. i'm week four. we're running. there's howard bernstein. look out. we're doing the slow and steady training program here. this is what week four looks like. we get a five-minute warm-up. we jog for three minutes, walk for two minutes, jog for four minutes, walk for two minutes, jog for five minutes and walk for three minutes. that works out to be about two miles for me. this week i stayed inside.
5:41 am
>> reporter: i'm actually working out inside today because it's gotten pretty cold outside. i don't know about you. when it's cold, i don't really like to run. i'm motivating myself. i'm going to do it on a treadmill today. and i'll let you know how that goes. sometimes it does seem like running on treadmills and running outside are different. not sure why that is. maybe you have some ideas and get in touch with me on the blog. >> i have a special guest with me. this is the owner of second wind training in upper northwest. thanks for joining us bright and early. >> thank you. nice to be here. >> it is cold outside, dark outside. many of us don't want to workout when we have these conditions. what do we do? >> suck it up. it's not that bad. isn't it nice to get out in this. it's brisk and chilly. so much better than running in the summer heat. so just go out there and enjoy the fact that we live in a region that has seasons and
5:42 am
enjoy the seasons. >> you were saying to me earlier what you wear is a big deal. >> what you wear is a big deal because there's no bad weather. only the wrong clothes. when it's chilly, layer up. there's all kinds of -- there's a whole industry of cold weather running gear. buy yourself something new. that's one motivational tip. you can kind of think oh, i've got something new to wear tomorrow. lay your clothes out the night before. that's a big one. you don't want to get up in the dark and try to find it. lay it out the night before so you can get right into it. layer up a few minutes before you go outside. put your hat on and have a cup of coffee. you'll start to heat up. when you step outside, that cool, brisk air will actually feel good. you'll welcome it. so you're hot inside. get out there and start running. in a few minutes, you'll be glad you're outside. you'll be -- the fresh air will wake you up and the running will be a lot better. >> this guy knows what he's talking about. trainer steer, thank you --
5:43 am
steve, thank you for joining us. >> you're welcome. >> couch to 5k with jessica doyle, i would laugh to hear more from you. you can find more on andrea and mike, over to you. >> one of the real reasons why jessica is getting in shape is for next weekend's step out walk to stop diabetes at national harbor. we'll all be there. let's see who's celebrating a birthday today. actor josh mucherson of the hundred hundred is -- of the hunger games is 20. hugh jackman is 44. tyler blackman is 26. chris cameron is 42. political activist and of course comic, you know him, dick gregory is 80. also one last happy belated birthday to 9news photographer and one of our favorite guys felix ortiz. happy birthday you to as well.
5:44 am
we'll be back.
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good morning. welcome back to 9 news now. 5:36. just shy of 5:37. howard is here. the word for the day gloves. >> for tonight. >> especially. >> you have high school football games or maybe going to the nats game. you're going to need some gloves. a freeze watch north and west. let's start with the bus stop forecast. some of you may need gloves this morning. we've got a few spots that have dipped into the 30s. thankfully the winds in those areas that have dropped into the 30s are dead calm. you don't have the windchill. clear and chilly. we're ranging from the upper 30s to even the low 50s in those areas. that's confined right along the bay and extreme southern maryland. our day planner sunny today. we may get some passing clouds as a cold front comes across the region. notice the winds starting to kick up northwest at 13. northwest at 16 by 1:00 as we get to 62. by 2:00, 2:30 we'll hit 63 for the high. by 3:00 back to 62. by 5:00 we're down to 59 degrees on our way into the 30s tonight in many areas. going out to the nats game,
5:48 am
first pitch 8:37. about 53 then. dropping into the upper 40s in the latter innings with the north winds at 10. dress for football weather tonight. same story for high school football. late tonight into saturday morning, cold enough north and west of d.c. that we're looking at montgomery county and fairfax and loudoun, prince william, fauquier out toward i- 81 and towards 70 with the freeze watch. we'll get some temperatures in the cold spots gown to 28. 37 this morning in gaithersburg and leaseburg. 40 in centreville. off to our east 45 andrews. crofton and bowie 39. college park also at 40. nice visibility here. still a ways to go until that sunrise. a good 90 minutes or so. 48, windchill 46 with a west, southwest wind at 5 and a relative humidity 77%. some cold air across the northern states this morning. minneapolis 29. bismarck 33. with another front coming through, that will reinforce the cool air we have today for tonight and saturday. but did you notice the warmth
5:49 am
down across texas and louisiana? some of that shoots up here for sunday and monday. the front producing showers and storms all the way back into oklahoma and missouri coming into kentucky and tennessee. behind the front, we have the cold air. ahead of it, warming up. just mainly rain showers even in new york state but a little bit of snow mixing in across the higher elevations in the adirondacks this morning. our futurecast, some passing clouds. a sprinkle or two up in pennsylvania. should be quiet on the radar. this evening we're clearing out. 6:00 p.m. it's all clear. tonight the cold air moves in. again the freeze watch north and west. tomorrow starts out real chilly but by afternoon we get into the low 60s again. should be comfortable but sunday looks even more comfortable. front to our north, our winds kick up more out of the south on sunday so that's going to boost temperatures into the 70s to finish out the weekend. that's some good news. here's a look at our forecast. today 63. breezy. winds could gust over 20 later this morning into the
5:50 am
afternoon. tonight about 40 in d.c. but the colder spots 28 so most of us in the 30s by tomorrow morning. recovering to 62. by sunday, though, nice, warmer, 74. mix of sun and clouds. monday could be an afternoon shower or two with a high of 72. a little bit of a cooldown tuesday into wednesday. it's 5:50. monika, over to you. >> we've got one big issue on the northbound side of i-95. good morning, everybody. northbound 95 just near quantico, it's an overturned vehicle into a ditch as you head north on i-95. crews are just arriving on the scene so watch out for that activity near quantico. once you're beyond that, you're okay into woodbridge and up to springfield. no issues to report on 395. we'll take a live look outside. here's what it looks like in spring field. bunching up leaving route 644. no big deals on the north side of i-95. it's near quantico we're having those problems. back over to the maps and this time the north side of town. a bit of slow traffic forming
5:51 am
on the outer loop in silver spring. normal on a friday morning at 5:51. a live look one more time. this time we'll look at the beltway at university boulevard. things look great heading for bethesda and 270. more traffic at 6:01. >> thanks, monika. it's daily deal times. want to be a little bit less hairy? this could be it for you. groupon is offering six laser hair removal treatments on the small, medium or large area. in dupont circle, $169. that is 72% off. as we've been telling you, i've been doing my couch to 5k training. here's a race you may want to do. living social's glow in the dark 5k dance party. rfk stadium friday, november 9. the price is $39, 22% off. you get to participate in the fun run followed by a massive after party inside the d.c. armory. and a deal with foundation fitness in northwest. $39 gets you 12 boot camp classes, $149 value.
5:52 am
you're going to find this one on google offers. if you have an offer you've seen or you're a local merchant with a deal for our viewers, i would love to hear from you on facebook. over to you. >> thank you. at 5:52, we want to take another look at the question of the day. in a recent survey pet owners were asked if you could ask your pet one question, what would it be? so was their number one answer a, are you happy, b, do you like your food, or c, do you like me? >> one viewer wrote a, are you happy? but you need another question. like, why the heck won't you behave? >> we'll reveal the answer in about an hour. do you like the outfit i'm wearing?
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
it's 5 before 6:00 on this friday morning. a chilly friday morning with 30s north and west with clear to partly cloudy skies. we're in the mid- to upper 40s here in the metro. as we go through the morning we'll have a mix of clouds and sunshine. by 9:00 still 40s and only low 50s. jackets, maybe some light gloves also needed. we'll see a front push through mid-morning so it will be breezy. winds could gust 20, 25 during the middle of the day and afternoon with 61 by noon in d.c. 59 for leesburg. 63 over toward easton. as we go into the afternoon, temperatures upper 50s to low 60s. about 63 for the high in d.c. and driving home we're falling back into the 50s. we could see 20s and 30s in the cold spots tonight.
5:56 am
pay attention to that, protect the tender plants. monika, over to you. >> thank you so much. if you're trying to figure out what to see at the movies this weekend, try "here comes the boom." kevin james stars as a biology teacher at a failing school trying to raise money to save the music program and save teachers' jobs. so he decides mixed martial arts fighting is the way to go. it also stars selma hijack and henry winkler. also this weekend "seven psychopaths." colin ferrell plays a struggling screen writer who accidentally gets tangled up in a dognapping ring. the only thing is that the scheme was working until they take a mobster's dog. >> yes, they took the wrong dog. bonnie belonged to the very
5:57 am
dangerous woody harrelson character. it's an interesting story. this is very complex. the screen writers are writing a story title called the seven psychopaths. he's working with christopher walkin. he worked with all of them before. the results show. it's very entertaining. >> at first when i thought about this film and i thought about the title, i thought i don't want to see this but i saw some of the previews. it's actually really funny. eight a dark comedy but it's really funny. >> think of it in terms of-- >> if you like taron tino, you'll probably like this. >> a light version of that. >> i'm excited to hear about the next film, the political
5:58 am
thriller that already has oscar buzz. >> kudos to ben afleck. he has shown with his movie when he won the academy award in 1998 for goodwill hunting when he was kind of young, he deserved every inch of that statue. >> we're talking about "argo." >> it's a real suspense thriller about a real life c.i.a. operative. remember when the american embassy was stormed in iran in late 1970's, 1979 to be exact. when all the employees were held captive, six of them made it out the back door and took refuge in the canadian embassy. this is basically -- [ inaudible ] >> the whole idea, there's so many great lines in this movie. my favorite is "it's the best bad idea we could come up with." >> it was so out of the box, it has to work. because who's going to suspect that we're actually trying to
5:59 am
pull this off. tony mendez is an operative. it works out beautifully. 's played by ben afleck. to his credit, while he's directing and also being the star playing tony mendez, he doesn't take over the movie which is a lot of mistakes that a lot of these directors who are famous actors to begin with do. they kind of overplay it and they take over because it's part of the ego. he did not do that. >> the actors he chose, great actors but not necessarily well known. >> you believe it. he actually kidnapped them in his own way. >> he sequestered them. >> and put them in their own confinement so they could see what it was like to be in that strict confinement. you're right, he will probably get some statues or at least be nominated. it's an intlents entertaining -- excellent entertaining film. >> thank so you much. >> thank you. you're watching 9news now at 6:00 a.m. good morning this friday morning. i'm andrea roane. we're thankful for that as we are with a

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